Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cast Members

Peter Gallagher as Bernard Marx
   - I picked Peter Gallagher because I thought he would fit in as Bernard Marx with the way he looks. He also suits his hieght as Bernard Marx is short. I also chose him because his personality would suit Bernard Marx and that he looks kind of like an Alpha.

John Turturro as The D.H.C (Director)
     - I chose him as the director because he seems old enough to be a director. The role of the director would fix perfectly as he can be quiet serious. His facial image suits that of the D.H.C. John Turturro would make a perfect director because he is average hieght and looks like a doctor and scientist which the director from Brave New World is.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Lenina Crowne
    -I chose her to play the role of Lenina Crowne because she is very beautiful. She fit in as Lenina because Lenina is described as beautiful with blond hair and blue eyes and Rosie is a perfect actress to play her role. And because of her beauty, it makes her a perfect candidate because Lenina is said to be beautiful as well, which helps her get the attention of the guys.

Robert De Niro as Mustapha Mond
     - Robert De Niro would make a perfect Mustapha Mond as he is a very serious actor and can take action during the movie. He fits in as the character of Mustapha Mond as he tends to be the leader or the higher ranked person in most movies. He fits into Mustapha Mond's characteristics and is the right person to take the role of Mustapha Mond.